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Microsoft Azure – Most Valuable Professional – 2018 - 2019

· One min read
Hasan Gural

For those who seek success even in a little rhythm,

In my personal career life, the only thing that I have cared for was dedication to have continuous achievement in future. Thankfully, I have gotten lots of chances to be awarded in many times but especially today I have acquired Most Valuable Professional award for the second time.

"Success" has always a different definition for me than in dictionaries. It is more extensive and particular than crossing the limits, actualizing expectations or even being awarded. To be successful, this word should appeal to you in a more productive and unique way for past, now and future.

I believe that confidence and passion are the key words for human to achieve their desire in life. Thus, this explains why hard obstacles that we face are not unbroken. I own my progress in this industry to my ambition and will in my notions and aims. But also, achievement enlarges in a good partnership and emphatic co-worker relationship. That’s why I thank warmly to MShowto Technical Community and PeakUp for their support.

World still sings different success stories for seekers.