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· 5 min read
Hasan Gural

In this post, we will be exploring how to engage with the Databricks API through PowerShell. I would love to cover the following topics as parts of this post:

[✔️] Prerequisites: We'll start with the basics, ensuring you have all the necessary setup done. This includes having the right PowerShell modules and permissions in place, and an overview of the Databricks environment we'll be interacting with.

[✔️] Authenticate to the Databricks API via Azure Access Token: Security is our top priority, so we'll walk through the process of securely authenticating to the Databricks API. We'll understand how to obtain and use an Azure access token, which is essential for making it get going.

[✔️] Retrieve the Databricks Resources Using the Databricks API: Once we're in, it's all about getting the information you need. We'll go over how to send requests to the API to retrieve details on your Databricks resources. Whether it's clusters, jobs, or notebooks, you'll learn how to pull the data you're searching for.