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· 6 min read
Hasan Gural

There are few points that I would like to address in our second article. We will cover all the configuration of Azure Front Door service. This article will be about how we can deploy Front Door service with Terraform in the most optimum way and how we can use this service more dynamically for multiple endpoint declarations. Before jumping into the article, going over the Front Door's logic and its elements might be beneficial. These elements can be listed as:

  • Front Endpoints
  • Binding SSL Certificate from KeyVault/Front Door Managed
  • Backend Pools
  • Routing Rules (https/http)
  • Web Application Firewall Policy - Managed/Custom Rules

· 4 min read
Hasan Gural

We can use Infrastructure as a Code for many distinct purposes. In this article series, we will try to understand how Terraform and Azure FrontDoor provisioning work together and make an end-to-end FrontDoor deployment. You may come across articles that compare FrontDoor and Application Gateway on this blog. FrontDoor is a successful, secure, and convenient load-balancing solution that works on Layer-7 created by Microsoft Azure. It is also used together with Microsoft services such as "Bing, Office 365, Xbox Live, MSN, LinkedIn ve Azure DevOps," and it is indeed incredible to have this infrastructure.

· 4 min read
Hasan Gural

In the last article of our series, we will try to access the endpoint of Pipelines, and we will list pipelines expressions of all projects.

First of all, we need to look at the list of endpoint types down below.

Operation types for Pipelines

Operation NameOperation Detail
CreateCreate a pipeline.
GetGets a pipeline, optionally at the specified version
ListGet a list of pipelines

· 4 min read
Hasan Gural

In our previous article, we did some pre-coding to access Azure DevOps REST API. We got all the projects of a DevOps Organization as a list by executing an elementary request. Now, we should enlarge our knowledge with further examples.

Let's do an example where we try to access all the repositories as a list in an Azure DevOps Project. This is how the repository list looks from the interface of the AzDo.

· 4 min read
Hasan Gural

In this article series, we will focus on how and why Azure DevOps API can be usable with Powershell with emphasizing critical details in the latter parts. Before heading to the article, it is vital to notice that this article series requires a solid understanding of REST API. With the REST API's page down below, you can access all the endpoints and create requests with necessary methods such as GET, POST, PATCH

AzDo Rest API Documentation